Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Problem With Ramah

Have you been to Ramah, Colorado?

Pronounced "Ray-muh", is a lovely little town is located off of Highway 24, about 45 miles east of Colorado Springs. Estimated population is 122.

Ramah boasts a post office and.... oh wait, that's it.

Ramah zip code is strange. I knew someone who lived north of Highway 86 and someone else in Punkin Center who both had Ramah zip codes.

But as far as Ramah the town... why bother? Ramah is undeserving of being a control city on those signs on Highway 24.

It is a place touched by time only to decay it. Time brought it's winds, weather changes and such to make the town look decrepit but not to touch it in other ways. It's pretty much a ghost town. It is about the most depressing place that I have ever been to. It just doesn't seem worthy of a zip code.

So why does Ramah look like it does? There is really no reason for it. It has a decently busy highway passing on the outskirts. There is nothing along this highway. People who drive through will need gas, a soda, or something of interest. Ramah just doesn't provide anything. There's no reason for it.

I'm sure that Ramah was once a thriving place. Times changed. Ramah didn't. That's the problem.

I'm sorry to offend any of you Ramees (pronounced "Ray-mees" and rhymes with knees). I pick on you, Ramah, even though there may be places that are much worse (like Wild Horse for instance). Ramah, you are suffering from this same eastern Colorado dumpy town disease that so many of your counterparts also suffer from. I just pick on you, because I drive through you more.

But what I really want to know is why? Why? Ramees, get out of your box and make Ramah the thriving community it should be. Give away free land like Flagler. Get the junkyards out of town. Don't allow people to store their toilets on their front lawns. Open a travel plaza. Get some kind of tourist attraction, like the world's biggest ball of string or something... just something.

You are already on the map, but right now, you really don't deserve to be there.

El Paso County, help them out. Colorado Springs and Ramah, you are in the same county. There's really no excuse for you, Ramah.

Bonus Section: How to Talk Like You Was From Eastern Colorado
In this section, I will try to feature lesson on how to have an Eastern Colorado accent.
Simla: a town with no cell phone service five miles east of Ramah that's not quite as dumpy.
simla: an abbreviated form of the word similar.
Example Sentence: "Matheson and Simla was pretty simla to here."
Practice this sentence, and then you can sound like you was from Eastern Colorado, too.


  1. All those eastern Colorado towns are bittersweet. Sorta lovely in their lonliness. time has stopped in most of the towns east of Byers (and Byers is on the edge)... It amazes me that some of them are "alive" at all, but still, I have enjoyed Sunday afternoon drives roaming thru these towns and wondering what they were like in their heyday. Ramah is a beautiful little town. Have you ever explored Deer Trail? Talk about history! It was the biggest town on the plains at one time, had three banks, hotels, the first rodeo in the world.... but now.... Well it's kinda sorry and sad...

  2. I'm afraid a lot of the reason is plain ole poverty. The kids that are born there almost always leave as soon as they graduate from High School. The agriculture that used to support the community, represented by a couple dozen family farms has largely been abandoned or taken over by agribusiness. The only people left are retired or jobless. It's a pity. Small town America ala Norman Rockwell is practically dead. For these exact reasons.

  3. I have never been to Deer Trail, just through it on the Interstate. Maybe I'll take a drive through there on my next trip to Denver.
    I've been to Agate. That was pretty bad.
    I heard they're closing the Matheson Post Office.
    My husband used to go to the Knights of Columbus meetings in Byers. There's a joint fourth degree council there with Our Lady of Victory in Limon. He doesn't go anymore because of distance and our young children. I'm also that sorry to say most KofC members have different priorities than us, or they're 80.